To all Attendees and Participants of the 2017 CSOOC Spring Conference,

On behalf of the County Safety Officers’ Organization of California, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your attendance, participation and sharing of ideas and expertise. Thanks to all of our participants, special guests, sponsors, and guest speakers.

We certainly hope the conference was all that you expected it to be. The conference was a time to make new friends and renew old acquaintances. It provided a forum for discussion and exchange of many experiences, suggestions and opinions with other safety professionals, industry providers and practitioners from areas throughout California.

“Safety…Accepting Change and Moving Forward”, our objective for this conference was to strengthen and improve safety programs. CSOOC’s ultimate goal is to protect County government workers from industrial injury or death; protect the general public from general liability exposures; and provide loss control and risk management services to public agencies. This year’s conference agenda was designed to enable us to discuss the many existing safety and health challenges facing us today then determine the necessary solutions, actions, policies and programs to overcome these challenges and issues. If we have been successful, we all took the things we learned back to our County with us. The results will be a safer and healthier work environment.

We were very fortunate to have a large group of experts in their respective fields participate in our conference. This group included Lawyers, Educators, Security Specialist, Risk Manager, Doctor, Ergonomist, Motor Carrier Specialist, Law Enforcement, Loss Prevention, Members of the Board and other authorities. Their involvement resulted in our very successful forum and oral sessions.

Thank each of the moderators who skillfully guided each presentation. The direction of the conference was established early by our keynote speaker, Fred Walter, ESQ, Walter & Prince Law. We want to thank all of our presenters. We believe all in attendance will agree that we have achieved many results and can all agree this year’s conference was a great success.

Our gratitude and appreciation to Sonoma County for hosting this event. A very special thank you to Heidi Fowers, Risk Control Manager, and her team, co-organizers, supplying agencies, sponsors, vendors and conference staff who contributed their efforts for us during the conference. We thank you. This conference would not have been a success without you. We hope we can all work together for safety and health promotion. We look forward to your attendance for the 2018 Spring Conference.