Keynote Speaker Fred Walter ESQ – “Excellent keynote speaker with a wealth of OSHA knowledge, both FedOSHA and CalOSHA!!!”

Threat Assessment Team Presentation by Marcia Chadbourne –

  • “Great info.  Will bring back this info to put into use at our county.”
  • “It’s nice to hear how other counties are handling things.”
  • “Insightful; I came away with so many takeaways.”

CA Marijuana Legalization by Sarah Messerlian, CSAC-EIA – “I liked that the CSAC-EIA programs were addressed… the resources available to us.”

Cannibis Legalization Impacts Panel presented by Sonoma County – “Everyone on the panel provided great insight and very knowledgeable.”

“Both presentations were excellent – the best I’ve seen on the topic.”

Workplace Violence Prevention in Healthcare and General Industry – Hector Alvarez

  • “Please have him back again next year to continue explaining more as we learn more.  Excellent!!”
  • “Excellent and timely presentation…  I also appreciate the interactions among the attendees.”